Intelligent buying for licensed products

Browse thousands of products directly from brand owners, search by upcoming events or specific departments, the latest feature film or sporting event, then contact the supplier directly. The Brand Informer changes the way brands sell and retailers buy.

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Thousands of products updated in real-time

Because The Brand Informer is updated directly by brand owners - retailers are able to view and buy the latest products as soon as they become available.

Direct contact with suppliers and providers

Contact details for brand owners and their suppliers are provided for retailers so that products can be purchased in a straightforward and uncomplicated way.

Keep track of upcoming launches and events

Populated by brand owners the online calendar enables retailers to anticipate consumer demand and purchase consumer products in a timely manner.

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Simple. Intuitive. Powerful.

For retailers: As simple as a catalogue - viewing and buying products is a breeze.

For brand owners: Adding product and brand information is straightforward and uncomplicated.

For brands it’s a virtual shop window directly to retail buyers.

We give brand owners a platform to display their products in clear categories: such as product type, department and target audience. This information is then fed directly into the retailer’s account where it can be viewed in real-time.

By inserting products into our linked calendar of ‘brand events’, we position products clearly and allow retailers to plan their buying in advance.

The Brand Informer helps to safeguard against the proliferation of unlicensed products – a considerable concern for all brand owners.

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Your dashboard viewThe dashboard view gives the brand owner a complete overview of their account. How many brands they manage, how many products they currently have and the popularity of those products by day.

Product inventoryBrand products are easy to view and manage. Individual products can be quickly paused from being displayed on the live site and edited.

Product categoriesThe powerful categorisation of products is at the heart of The Brand Informer. Each product can be allocated an audience gender and age, a department location and the general product type. Also specific events and dates can be associated to the product.

For retailers it’s a secret weapon for buying the right products at the right time.

Powerful search and newsA familiar, single powerful search box suggests related products as you type, taking you directly to the item of interest. The Brand Informer news feed keeps you up-to-date on all the latest industry news.

Brand and search resultsThe brand and search results page displays all of the products returned. This can then be further filtered to narrow down the results. Clear images show each product allowing a preview before clicking through.

Item detailsEach item has all of the information you require to make a buying decision. Product description, large detailed images and video, specific details (size, etc), further brand information and finally how to purchase.

For retailers it’s a secret weapon for buying the right products at the right time.

The retailers account combines a powerful search function, along with clear categorisation and a comprehensive events calendar to help make intelligent buying decisions.

Be in the know with this ‘virtual shop window’. Each product is displayed with crucial brand information to help the retailer with its forward planning and buying decisions.

By only having verified brand owners we give retailers the full confidence against the threat of purchasing unlicensed products.

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‘‘We want to simplify the buying process for brand owners and retailers, to ensure that consumers get the products they want (or don’t know they want!) when they need them’’  


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