A simpler way to buy licensed products

The Brand Informer is an online platform that connects the way brands sell & retailers buy, so small businesses grow together.

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Beat the clock (and your competition)

Retailers: Not sure what you're after? Just start typing and the search engine will offer suggestions. Discover great products in minutes.

Brand owners: Because The Brand Informer works in real-time, your product reaches 100s of high street retailers the moment you add it.

High-quality product previews

Retailers: Products side by side on the results page. High-resolution images let you see exactly what products look like so you can decide which is the one for you!

Brand owners: Discover which design retailers love by watching their preferences play out in real-time. Decide which to ditch and which to double-down on.

All the information you need

Retailers: Each item has all the info you need to decide whether to buy. Product description, specification, images and video, key brand details and how to place an order.

Brand owners: Got a product launch coming up? Pop the details in our calendar and you’ll show up in the retailer’s diary, giving them the opportunity to plan ahead.

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Simplifying the buying process so everyone wins.

The current buying process for licensed products is slow and impractical. It benefits no one. That stops now.

By connecting the way brands sell and retailers buy, we help everyone make more money with less effort.

Brand owners expand their reach by communicating with 100s of retailers at once.

Retailers make informed decisions faster and discover new brands effortlessly. Now every shelf becomes as profitable as it can be.

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Point your brand directly at retail buyers...

Finally, an end to cold calling and writing emails that go unanswered.

The days of reaching out to retailers individually are over. Inconsistent wins are a thing of the past.

The Brand Informer is your key to consistent, repeatable results.

  • Help your dream retailers find you. Detail your products by type, department and target audience to make sure you show up when retailers need you the most.
  • Minute-by-minute customer feedback. Upload product designs so retailers can tell you which ones are hot (or not).
  • Get your event in their diary. The events calendar is the perfect way to grab a retailer’s attention ahead of your launch. Give them time to plan ahead and place orders.
  • 100% fraudster-proof. Sick of unlicensed products? So are we. That's why we have a super strict verification process that stops fraudsters, preventing the sale of unlicensed products.

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Track your successMeasure your progress from the dashboard in your account. See the brands you manage, the number of products you have and their day-to-day popularity.

Product inventoryBrand products are easy to view and manage. Individual products can be quickly paused from being displayed on the live site and edited.

Product categoriesThe powerful categorisation of products is at the heart of The Brand Informer. Each product can be allocated an audience gender and age, a department location and the general product type. Also specific events and dates can be associated to the product.

Everything you need to find the perfect product...

Discover new products in seconds. Don’t wait for brands to come to you. Filter through 1000s of products in the blink of an eye and find something your customers will snap up.

No more FOMO! Never miss a product launch. The events calendar clues you in on the latest product launches. Plan ahead, prepare your shelves and be ready for sell-out success.

Compare products side by side. Get info the way you like it, not the way brands give it to you. Products display key details, letting you compare them and reach decisions in minutes rather than days.

Brand owners are 100% verified. Worried about accidentally buying unlicensed products? Don’t stress. We have a super safe, secure verification process so you can purchase with peace of mind.

Everything you need to find the perfect product...

Want products that whip up a buying frenzy before other retailers even know they exist? We’ve got you covered.

We’ve bundled everything you need to make fast, informed decisions. You don’t have to mess about online trying to find out who's got what and when.

That means:

  • No more guessing what people want based on the latest films, sporting events or concerts.
  • No more research time comparing the mismatched info brands give you.
  • And no more hunting down the availability or delivery information missing from licensee lists.

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‘‘We want to simplify the buying process for brand owners and retailers, to ensure that consumers get the products they want (or don’t know they want!) when they need them’’  

All for less than you spend on tea and coffee for the year...

The Brand Informer is packed with everything you need to level up your business...and for less than a coffee per day.

For just £20 a month you get access to:


  • 1000s of products from brands the second they become available.
  • Contact details for licensees - no more hunting!
  • The events calendar where brands tip you off on upcoming product launches related to films, sporting events and concerts.
  • Brand owner

  • Hundreds of high street retailers actively seeking new products.
  • Minute-by-minute customer feedback on product designs.
  • The events calendar, which lets you put your event in the retailer’s diary.
  • A simple way to reach lots of leading retailers at once, including independent retailers.
  • For brands
    For retailers

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    If you require over 20 users please contact us.

    Price is per month and excludes VAT
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